Google wants to eliminate HTTP. Switch to HTTPS asap

(19.10.2016) It has long been known that Google wants to replace the HTTP protocol with the encrypted HTTPS. Mozilla is of the same opinion. Switch to HTTPs as soon as possible and don’t wait until your website is not trusted anymore.

The end of HTTP is just a matter of time – replace it with HTTP/2

The HTTP protocol is from the 90s and does technically not conform to the transfer of today’s advanced websites. It is slow, insecure and its content might change during the transmission.

Its successor – HTTP/2 – is already used on the web. It does not yet take the lion’s share, but it’s slowly taking over the internet. In the internet browser, HTTP/2 is used only in the encrypted form, which confirms the fact that in a few years, all websites will be encrypted.

You can read more about the benefits of HTTP/2 in the article HTTP/2. You can find a comparison of the speed of HTTP and HTTP/2 on cloudflare. HTTP/2 loads the page twice as fast – sometimes even faster.

Chrome warns of unsecured forms

Google Chrome warns users of websites which send passwords and credit card information via HTTP, which is so far the first phase of the transition to HTTPS. In the long run, Google is planning to introduce a warning of the insecure HTTP protocol itself.

návrh indikace HTTP, kterou Chrome zvažuje

It’s not known when it’s going to happen, but it is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t wait to switch to HTTPs. With HTTPS you not only get securely transmitted data, but also a faster web.

For more information, see the article Moving towards a more secure web.