Chrome 62 will tighten rules for insecure pages using HTTP

(18.9.2017) If your website still runs on the outdated protocol HHTP, it´s now time to make the change. The new version of Google Chrome 62, which will be released in October 2017, will tighten the rules even more for insecure sites and will bring two major changes to warn the user of untrusted webpages.

A warning will appear for all HTTP forms

Chrome already warns users of insecure login forms and forms that ask for payment details. In the newly released version, it will actively alert users to all HTTP pages, on which the user can enter any kind of data. Therefore, all websites on which the user can enter for instance email addresses, phone numbers or other data, will be classified as insecure.

Why does Google Chrome warn its users? The HTTP protocol is outdated and can easily be used to intercept transmitted data and consequently abuse it. Google is striving to develop an initiative for the faster enforcement of the encrypted HTTPS and more security for website users.

Chrome alerts to all HTTP webpages in incognito mode

The second measure of the new version of Chrome is to alert visitors using incognito mode to all webpages that run on HTTP. Google is planning to use the same warning for all HTTP webpages in standard mode as well.

If your website stills runs on the outdated HTTP, you now have the great opportunity to switch to the encrypted protocol. In order to activate HTTPS, you need the right SSL certificate.

The easy way to secure your website

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