DV certificate validation by a file on the domain FTP

Symantec family certificate authorities enable you to validate a DV certificate order in multiple ways, including validation by a file on FTP. The function is suitable for every order that cannot be validated by the authority validation email message.

Standard DV certificate validation

The standard method to validate a DV certificate is to send a confirmation email message to the validated domain. Five boxes are available on the domain, plus the domain owner or administrative contact email address. The certificate applicant has to have one of the following boxes active on the domain being validated -admin, administrator, hostmaster, postmaster or webmaster. The only option to this is to forward the authority message to a domain administration contact address or its owner (contacts from WHOIS).

An alternative option to validate the domain

Certificate authorities in our portfolio can validate DV certificate orders not just via email message, but also through a unique file uploaded to the domain FTP.

The option to validate the certificate through a file can be selected in the fifth step during the certificate order (Certificate validation and public key (CSR)).

Alternative DNS vetting of DV ertificate

Validating by a file uploaded to FTP

The file to be used during the validation process can be downloaded from the SSL certificate order detail. Its unique name and content are created by the authority and it is unique for your order.

Download the .TXT file from SSLMarket administration and upload it to the folder /.well-known/pki-validation/ of your website (to FTP). Check, whether the file is available to a visitor and is not limited, e.g. by .htaccess file.

file on FTP must be available from web

The authority will regularly check the presence and content of the file. When it finds it, the authority confirms the certificate order and it will be issued.

Validation through a file is quick and simple

The above-mentioned validation method does not cause any delays during the certificate issuance process. The authority performs the check in very short intervals, so you do not have to worry that the certificate issuance will be delayed.

Having trouble during alternative domain validation?

If necessary, feel free to contact our Customer support, who will guide you through the domain validation process described above.