SSL certificate order

New certificate order

To order a new certificate, select Order new in the main menu on your account. You can choose an SSL certificate from four certificate authorities: THAWTE, Symantec, GeoTrust and RapidSSL.

How to order:

Order a new certificate

Select your certificate from your preferred certificate authority and click Order.


Enter the exact name of the domain which the certificate will be applied for. Select a validity period for your certificate. When ordering a new certificate leave the NEW item filled and select a platform on which your SSL certificate will be applied.

Contact information

Enter your contact data which will be saved for this SSL certificate:

  • Certificate owner - The owner should match the owner according to CZ.NIC register or international register.
  • Authorization person - This person will be contacted by the authority to validate the request.
  • Phone - Official phone number of the organization/applicant which can be found on the internet or in generally available sources.
  • Technical contact - Technical information (guides and procedures of how to put SSL into operation) and the issued certificate will be sent to this email address.
  • Authorization email - If you select an SSL certificate validated only by email, select an email to send a message to validate the certificate request.
  • Billing details - Enter information to which the order will be invoiced. Notice to pay and, in turn, the tax document will be sent to the email address provided.

Enter the public key (CSR)

If your public key (CSR) has already been created, please enter it now. The procedure to obtain a public key (CSR) is listedin the CSR section of our Help system. If you do not have a public key (CSR), you can enter it at any time or send it later.

Order summary

Please check all information in the order summary. You can also check the resulting SSL certificate price. Or you can add a comment to make things clear - if you add a comment, the order will be processed manually. Before submitting your order you have to agree with the Terms and Conditions.

Certificate renewal (Renew)

If your certificate expires soon (the end date is close), this information is displayed on your account homepage in the Active certificates paragraph. The certificate´s expiry date is red.
If you want to extend the validity period of the certificate, you have to renew it; display its details by clicking the magnifying glass icon and then the RENEW button.

Order list

Under Order list, certificate being resolved are displayed. Order details can be displayed by clicking the magnifying glass icon. In this part you can modify some of the certificate owner details, technical person details andauthorization person details. If a public key (CSR) was not entered, you can do it now.

Certificate list

Under Certificate list, you can find all certificates valid now andexpired certificates.
If you want to extend a certificate's validity period, you have to renew it; display its details by clicking the magnifying glass details and then the RENEW button.

If you experience any difficulties, feel free to contact our Customer support, who will help you select a certificate and answer any questions you may have.