Tools for managing SSL certificates

We present you a list of tools which you can help you with managing SSL Certificates.

Tools for SSL certificates

SSL certificate check

Our simple site SSL certificate check will prove SSL certificate of entered domain.

For quick check of SSL certificate and it's chain we reccommend TLS dump. You will get quick results of site's certificate and intermediate certificate. Correct installation of intermediate certificate makes trust in your browser.

CSR decoder (public key)

CSR decoder (public key) will show you information from CSR request. You can check all details in CSR before you will place CSR in SSL certificate order and apply for certificate.

Symantec CryptoReport

Symantec offers you several tools for working with certificates. It goes without saying, that the certification authority will take care the major tasks such as - decrypting the CSR code and checking the certificate installation

On Symantec’s CryptoReport website, you can also search Certificate Transparency Logs not only by the common name of the certificate, but also by the company name stated in the certificate or it’s serial number. The tool View Browser Warnings can imitate warning messages in the browser, which is useful for testing purposes in particular.

The last one we would like to present you is the tool Remove Cross Root Certificates. You can use this tool for restricting the CA’s SHA-1 root certificate on your website (especially if you have an older operating system).

SSLlabs Analysis

SSLlabs is a recognized tool for checking the level of SSL/TLS server settings and its security. Operated by the company Qualys. The results will show not only the details of the SSL certificate, but also server settings - used protocols and ciphers (and its safety). For any problems and the wrong setting SSLlabs can advise you how to fix them.

Enter your domain name and check SSL/TLS security:

Best result of SSLlabs test is A+. If you server didn't get this grade, you can use this tutorial for Getting an A+ on Qualy's SSL Labs Tester.

XCA tool

X Certificate and Key management is an interface for managing asymetric keys like RSA or DSA. It is intended as a small CA for creation and signing certificates. It uses the OpenSSL library for the cryptographic operations.

This Opensource application is suitable for work with crypto keys. You can use it for making PFX files in which you keep your Code signing application signing.

App keeps all keys in one file and password protected. You are not allowed to export any key from this archive without right password. It's much secure that OpenSSL with keys in separate files.


You can download XCA for free at SourceForge. You can find this program in linux distros as package called xca.