Transfer from Microsoft IIS Server to Apache Server

If you are using a GeoTrust certificate, you can use your unlimited number of server licences to install the certificate on multiple servers.
The certificate is linked to the private key, therefore it is necessary to install the private key as well as the certificate on the other server. If you combine the web servers and you need the certificate on the Microsoft and the Apache server, we recommend to proceed as follows.

Exporting the certificate via MMC

The instructions are being prepared

Converting the PFX file via OpenSSL

The PFX file, which contains the certificate and the private key, needs to be copied into the format used by the Apache server. You will obtain the private key and certificate from the PFX file via OpenSSL.

Copy/paste the PFX file into your computer or on the server, where OPEN SSL is available. You will obtain the text file with following command: openssl pkcs12 -in mydomain.pfx -out mydomain.txt -nodes Now you need to enter a password for the import of the PFX file, which protects the content of the file. Open the text file and save the private key separately. You will recognise the private key by this text: -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY----- The certificate begins with: -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- We recommend to use following descriptions: mydomain.key (private key) mydomain.crt (certificate) intermediateCA.crt (both intermediate certificates). The PFX file also contains the intermediate certificates, which can be saved in the same way, but it is not necessary. You will find the certificates in the e-mail sent by us, or in the management section of your customer account.

Our customer support will be happy to help you choose the right certificate for your needs.