Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment provides the best protection against current security threats for your website. It helps to find weaknesses on website, which may become targets of attackers. If a weakness is found, Vulnerability Assessment helps and guides you to the fastest solving of the problem. Using this service you can rapidly increase protection of your website secured by an SSL certificate from Symantec and absolutely minimize the risk of blockage of your presentation in search engine results and adding to the blacklist.
Vulnerability Assessment is one of the additional features that every customer receives free with Symantec SSL Certificate with rozšířeným ověřením and Pro type.

Vulnerability Assessment offers:

  • Weekly automatic search for security vulnerabilities in Web applications
  • Search weaknesses of server software and network ports
  • Report-depth analysis of the definition of objectives that need to be addressed
  • Warning to vulnerable parts of the site, which must quickly secured
  • Scanning can be run on demand at any time

How it works

Symantec checks the website automatically every week. The test focuses on more than 1,000 commonly used network ports and control detects the most common types of server vulnerabilities, such as outdated software, cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, and the "back door" (backdoor).
Database of security holes is updated immediately upon discovery of new software vulnerabilities. This range covers all the test server technology, right from the web server (Apache, IIS, Tomcat) through the server daemons and services (SSH, FTP, SMTP, Postfix, Exchange) to the development environment and applications (ASP.NET, Perl, PHP, CMS, phpMyAdmin).
If the server is vulnerable or security problem is found Symantec sends a detailed report highlighting the main weaknesses. The Report contains information on specific and related risks, its potential impacts and, of course, a detailed description of how to solve the problem.
This check can be performed at any time on demand.

How can I get this feature?

Vulnerability Assessment comes for free with following Symantec certificates: