Get an overview of your organization's verification

May 24, 2024 | Jindřich Zechmeister

Obtaining a verified certificate can become almost a nightmare, which is why it is crucial to choose a good partner from the start. We have added the option for customers to closely monitor the verification process of the organization. They have an overview of the current status of the verification, which will lead to a smoother verification process, as well as its quicker completion and certificate issuance. With us, you will obtain a TLS certificate the fastest on the market, you can count on that.

Security is accessible to everyone thanks to us

Our goal is to make obtaining and deploying a certificate a pleasant experience. The whole process should not be complicated, as there is already a lot of work with security due to the heterogeneity of current IT systems. Gone are the days when a company's website and mail server were secured by a certificate; today, even refrigerators and washing machines access the internet.

Verified certificates allow confirming the identity of the owner and are therefore still very important for mutual trust. They also effectively prevent phishing with the help of 'anonymous' DV certificates. Due to the need to verify the company before issuing the certificate, the initial issuance is not immediate (subsequent ones are) and the certification authority actively verifies the applicant. This has now been reduced to a search of publicly available sources and confirmation from the customer, but there are cases where the certificate would not have been issued without our intervention.

Our customers now have a better overview of the organization verification they are undergoing. You will learn more about the information available and how to interpret it later.

Verification is transparent thanks to us

We have added information about the status of organization verification (for OV and EV certificates) to the order details in the customer account. You now have a complete overview of the entire process including individual phases. This information will help you detect potential complications.

In the order verification status detail, you can see not only domain verification but also organization verification phases. The individual steps start with the status "Pending" and gradually turn green; when completed, they disappear and are replaced by the overall status "Complete".

Detail of organization verification in the requested order
Detail of organization verification in the requested order

Organization verification phases include, for example:

  • Finding a phone number in a third-party public source
  • Address verification
  • Checking the blacklist and legitimate business status of the company, including years in business

Having an overview of this information will help smooth the verification process, as you will know when it is already underway; you will also know what to respond to. As a result, your first certificate for the organization will be issued more quickly.

Let's look at the two most common scenarios you may encounter.

  • Verification has not yet started - the CA has not started working on verifying your organization yet. We can expedite this for you.
  • Verification is in progress, but it has been in the same phase for several days - the CA is likely waiting for a response from you. Check your emails and contact us to complete the verification.

In both cases, it is best to let us know, and we will ensure the verification process is completed for you. It will then be valid for up to 13 months, and the organization (for OV/EV and domains) will not have to be re-verified.

Why we are the best in our industry

We have extensive experience in verifying organizations, as we have issued hundreds of thousands of certificates to customers. We can easily handle both standard OV and EV certificates, as well as special products like VMC certificates, where verification is non-standard.

We maximize the use of available certification authority tools and rely on existing verifications to the highest possible extent. As a result, our regular customers receive their certificates promptly and do not have to go through the verification process repeatedly.

For certificate verification, we have a dedicated European team at the certification authority, so you will not have to deal with any misunderstandings from teams in South Africa or the USA. We guarantee new customers that with our help, they will obtain a certificate most easily and quickly, and they will also save money compared to buying directly from DigiCert.

Ing. Jindřich Zechmeister
TLS certificate specialist
Certificated Sales Expert Plus
e-mail: jindrich.zechmeister(at)