DigiCert Trust Lifecycle Manager

Trust Lifecycle Manager (hereinafter TLM) is a revolutionary service that integrates certificate management and PKI. Thanks to it, you will achieve full certificate life cycle automation and you will no longer have to worry about them! As it is a DigiCert product, it is connected to the CA via an API and can issue certificates directly. TLM can run as a service in the cloud, on-premise or in hybrid mode.

Introducing Trust Lifecycle Manager

It is a comprehensive platform designed to manage the lifecycle of digital certificates. It enables organizations to effectively manage their digital certificates from creation to expiration or revocation. An easy-to-understand user interface and intuitive tools allow IT administrators to easily track, update and manage certificates, minimizing the risk of cyber threats associated with invalid or expired certificates. DigiCert Trust Lifecycle Manager contributes to the overall increase in the organization’s security thanks to automatic notifications about approaching certificate expiration and the possibility of central certificate monitoring.

Another important feature of the service is the possibility of automating the processes associated with certificate management and administration. It allows you to implement standardized procedures for creating, distributing, and renewing certificates, which not only reduces the burden on your IT department but also minimizes the risk of human error. DigiCert Trust Lifecycle Manager offers a comprehensive digital certificate management solution that is not only efficient but also easy to use, even for those without deep knowledge of technology.

Trust Lifecycle Manager helps you solve the two most pressing areas related to digital certificates:

  • Certificate lifecycle management, streamlining IT operations with certificate search, management, notification, automation and integration.
  • PKI services, streamlining identity and authentication; creating CAs and issuing private certificates for users, devices, servers and other IT resources.

DigiCert Trust Lifecycle Manager
DigiCert Trust Lifecycle Manager

Automation with ACME

ACME (Automatic Certificate Management Environment) is an open and standardized protocol designed to automate the process of obtaining, renewing and revoking digital certificates. This protocol provides a simple and efficient way to manage certificates for web servers, applications and other online services, reducing the cost of their management. ACME can be used with a wide range of certification authorities, and agents who use the protocol can usually also deploy certificates to servers.

Trust Lifecycle Manager supports the ACME protocol and you can also obtain DV certificates with domain verification through its ACME. However, ACME is not the only method of automation available in TLM!

Automation with SCEP

Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) is a communication protocol used to automate the request and distribution of certificates in a network. SCEP allows devices such as servers, routers, or other network devices to request certificates directly from a Certificate Authority (CA) and then deploy them to those elements without user intervention. This protocol is often used to implement secure network access (e.g. VPN), data encryption and device authentication within a company's infrastructure.

TLM supports Microsoft API and you can also connect it with Microsoft Intune.

Integration with other tools

Trust Lifecycle Manager gets on well with a number of other tools. Here are some integration examples that DigiCert has documented:

  • DigiCert Autoenrollment Server
  • Citrix FAS integration
  • Intune SCEP integration
  • Microsoft CA server integration
  • Third-party ACME integration
  • Windows Hello for Business integration

Instructions for individual integrations can be found on the Integration guides page on the DigiCert website.

More information and resources

The Trust Lifecycle Manager’s features and benefits are best summarized in the product datasheet, which can be found here. The most detailed source of information about TLM and its possibilities of use is, of course, the official documentation. It is public and can be found here.

How to get DigiCert Automation Manager

Setting up automation and integration into existing processes is an individual matter. Contact us and we will help you find the best tailor-made solution for you.