Certificates for document and PDF signing

Document signing certificates and PDF files protect signed documents with an electronic signature. In addition to maintaining consistency and protecting data, it also serves to authenticate the document creator. You can use them directly in office applications.

Certificates for signing documents and PDF

DigiCert signatures are trusted in all office programs; especially in Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, and LibreOffice. Signing takes place directly in these office programs and you do not need any special software to do it.

Why signing documents is important

By digitally signing the document, you guarantee not only its author for future authentication but also the form of the document at the moment of signing. The signed document cannot be changed back, and the signature guarantees its integrity; if it is disturbed by any change, the signature is not valid. Another advantage of digitally signing a document is the impossibility of signature expiration.

By signing with DigiCert certificates, you can increase the security of using the certificate by storing it on a token. The signing certificate for your company can never be misused because the private key is stored on the token and protected by a strong password. When you try to break it, the token is blocked.

Document signing is easy

Once the certificate order has been completed, you will receive a token from DigiCert, and you can start using it. In the office document creation program, you simply invoke the signature dialog and confirm it. You can immediately send the newly signed document to the recipient, who will know where it came from and that it has not been changed since it was signed.

The principle of signing documents

What does a document signature look like in practice?

In the pictures below, you can see a practical example of signing an office document.

Signing in Adobe Reader
Signing in Adobe Reader.
Signing in Wordu
Signing in Wordu.

A complete overview of Document Signing certificates we offer

AATL (Document Signing) certificate Our price CA's MSRP Vetting Trusted in Adobe Issuing Time Validity (years) Buy
Prices are without VAT.
Document Signing Individual (500) From 363 € 363 € ANO NO 7 days 1-3 Buy
Document Signing Individual (2000) From 555 € 555 € ANO NO 7 days 1-3 Buy
Document Signing Organization (2000) From 555 € 555 € ANO NO 7 days 1-3 Buy
Document Signing Organization (5000) From 855 € 855 € ANO NO 7 days 1-3 Buy