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The DigiCert certification authority is number one in encryption and offers comprehensive security solutions. The DigiCert offer includes all types of TLS server certificates in terms of verification and technical function types. In addition to TLS certificates for website security, the DigiCert CA portfolio also includes signing certificates (S/MIME), Code Signing certificates and other special types of certificates.

The DigiCert certification authority was founded in 2003 in the USA. At the end of 2017, the DigiCert CA conceived the PKI part of Symantec. Currently, all Symantec CA certificates (including Thawte, GeoTrust, and RapidSSL) are issued in DigiCert CA’s PKI.

DigiCert is an innovation-driven company and focuses on automatizing authentication and certificate issuance. This allows you to obtain all TLS certificates in the shortest possible time. The DigiCert CA is the most technically advanced and progressive authority on the market.

Complete summary of DigiCert TLS certificates in our offer

TLS certificate Our price Thawte price Level of trust SAN/UC Issuing Time Validity (years) Buy
Prices are without VAT.
Standard SSL From $223 $278 OV 1-250 1 day 1 Buy
Wildcard SSL From $677 $848 OV 1-250 1 day 1 Buy
Extended Validation SSL From $347 $398 EV 1-250 2-3 days 1 Buy
Code Signing From $270 $539 OV N/A 1 day 1-3 Buy
Code Signing EV From $677 $755 EV N/A 3-5 days 1-3 Buy