RapidSSL SSL certificates

The RapidSSL certificate authority is a time-proven leader in the low-cost SSL certificate sector. RapidSSL is owned and run by GeoTrust, but acts as a separate brand on the market, focusing on low-cost certificate types.


RapidSSL was founded in 2003 as another GeoTrust certificate authority brand. The greatest advantage is the very short time to issue an SSL certificate and the very low initial investment. The SSL certificates don't include any additional features; nevertheless, it is a certificate authority which offers fully trustworthy SSL certificates for 99.9% of web browsers. This certificate authority's philosophy follows the initial fast issue request: order - confirm - install.

RapidSSL certificate authority SSL certificates overview

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Price RapidSSLValidationSupport
Issuance time
RapidSSL$13.33$49DVNO2 minutes1-3BuyDetail

RapidSSL certificate

Definitely the least expensive SSL certificate, validated only on the domain level via a confirmation email message. Its great advantage lies in the short issue time, which can be accomplished in a few minutes.
We recommend using the SSL certificate for projects where obtaining the certificate, security usefulness and low cost play a vital role. It can be used in virtually every field requiring SSL communication, mostly in Intranet use, internal systems or for smaller website projects where there's no need to validate the organization and acquire a higher security level.

RapidSSL Wildcard$112$199DVNO2 minutes1-3BuyDetail

RapidSSL Wildcard certificate

Definitely the least expensive, very universal SSL certificate type, which secures both the primary domain and, in addition, all its subdomains. The RapidSSL Wildcard certificate contains a star in front of the primary domain name (e.g.*.sslmarket.cz), andit is called a "star certificate".
This SSL certificate type can be used when more subdomains need to be secured on more servers using just one SSL certificate. Its great advantage lies in the short issue time which can be accomplished in a few minutes.

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