EV certificates - Extended Validation

EV certificates offer the highest possible website security. By displaying the company name right next to the URL, the user can easily see that they he is on the right page and not a fake one. You can prove to your customers that you really care about their high level of security.

Extended Validation certificates (EV) in browser

EV TLS certificates are used for websites requiring the highest credibility and security. In addition to modern encryption, it also offers easy server authentication thanks to extended EV vetting (Extended Validation). The most prestigious certificate on the market is typically used in the banking sector to protect payment information and to protect personal data.

SSLmarket recommends EV certificate with green bar

Recommended: EV certificate GeoTrust

True BusinessID EV certificate is suitable for any website that wants to be trusted. The best-selling EV certificate in our offer with the name of your organization in a green bar. You can use it to secure up to 250 domains (for additional costs).
From $250 Buy

Summary of EV TLS certificates in our offer

TLS certificate Our price CA price Level of trust SAN/UC Issuing Time Validity (years) Buy
Prices are without VAT.
GeoTrust True BusinessID EV From $250 $398 EV 1-250 7 days 1 Buy
Thawte Web Server EV From $268 $398 EV 1-250 4 days 1 Buy
DigiCert Secure Site EV From $817 $1118 EV 1-250 5 days 1 Buy
DigiCert Secure Site Pro EV From $1187 $1728 EV 1-250 5 days 1 Buy
DigiCert Extended Validation SSL From $347 $398 EV 1-250 2-3 days 1 Buy