Domain Validation (DV) certificates

The most affordable TLS certificates which use basic domain validation to prove domain ownership. Vetting is made by a verification email called DCV (you can use DNS and FILE vetting as alternative). The great advantage of DV certificates is the short issuance time - you can get the DV certificate in a few minutes.

We recommend using DV certificates for simple websites where you want a quick solution, fully trusted and with low costs. It can be used anywhere where a TLS communication is being done. DV certificate suits Intranet use, internal systems or for smaller websites where there's no need to validate an organization the TLS certificate was issued for.

The browser informs user about secured website with a lock icon. Basic informations (certificate authority, validity) are displayed in the certificate details, but information about the company for which the TLS certificate is issued, is completely absent. If you want to offer an authentication, then get an OV or EV certificate.

certifikát Thawte 123

A certificate best-seller from Thawte

The cheapest trusted TLS certificate from Thawte certification authority. It is issued in minutes thanks to quick DV vetting. It is great for securing common websites, encryption of sensitive data and for getting trust.
From $70 Buy

Complete summary of DV certificates in our offer

TLS certificate Our price Thawte price Level of trust SAN/UC Issuing Time Validity (years) Buy
Prices are without VAT.
Thawte SSL 123 From $70 $149 DV 1-250 10 minutes 1 Buy
Thawte SSL 123 Wildcard From $263 $745 DV 1-250 10 minutes 1 Buy
GeoTrust Standard DV From $80 N/A DV 1-250 2 minutes 1 Buy
GeoTrust Standard Wildcard DV From $275 N/A DV 1-250 2 minutes 1 Buy
RapidSSL From $21 $59 DV NO 2 minutes 1 Buy
RapidSSL Wildcard From $137 $236 DV NO 2 minutes 1 Buy