Thawte SSL123 certificate Buy

The most affordable TLS certificate from Thawte certification authority. The certificate trust is based on Domain Authentication (DV), which allows you to get TLS certificate in minutes. A domain vetted certificate contains only information about the domain and does not contain additional information about the owner.

DV - domain vetting
Thawte site seal
1-250 Additional domains
10 min Issuing Time
100% Browser Recognition
  • Pricefrom $70
  • Validity1 year
  • Secures domain incl. www
  • Compatible w/all major browsers
  • Public key algorithm RSA & ECC
  • Symmetric encryption256 bit
  • Public key length2.048 (3.072/4.096) bits
  • Root CADigiCert Global Root
  • Money-back guarantee30 days
  • Certificate reissuefree and unlimited
  • Multi-domain support (SAN)YES
  • Warranty (USD)$500.000

Recommended use of the certificate

TLS certificate Thawte SSL123 is recommended for sites which you want to secure quickly and for a good price. Its application is practically in all areas requiring encrypted communication, but mainly in intranet solutions, security of mail servers or simple web applications / pages.
If you need the certificate to allow an authentication of the owner and to confirm the verified details, we recommend you to use EV Certificates (Extended Validation) or OV certificate (Organization Validation) containing complete and verified information about its owner.

Price list of Thawte SSL123 certificate

Thawte SSL123 certificat offers basic security from the best-known and trusted CA Thawte. You can combine standard (FQDN) and wildcard SANs in the certificate at an additional cost.


  • CA sells it for: $149
  • Huge savings over the CA price

Additional SANs

+ 1x domain (FQDN): $35.00

+ 1x Wildcard: $245.00


A multi-year order

Ordering for more years will save you a lot of money! You can order TLS certificates for up to 6 years. You will receive the renewed follow-up certificate every year.

  •  Save time. One order and payment = less administration.
  •  The longer the validity of the order, the higher the savings due to the decreasing annual price.
  •  You will receive the following one-year certificate automatically and on time, you just exchange it on the server.
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Prices are without VAT.

The certificate in the browser

All the TLS certificates we offer are 100% trusted and website visitors are not bothered by browser errors.

In a web browser, secure communication is shown in the address bar using the lock icon and the letter "s" next to the http in the URL.

You can check the certificate owner and issuer by clicking on the lock. Learn moe about the TLS certificate in the browser.

Look of the Thawte SSL123 certificate in your browser's address bar

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

You can use our certificate selection guide to choose the right TLS certificate. If you still do not know how to choose the right certificate, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support for advice on choosing the right certificate.

You can also contact us directly from your customer account by sending a request from the Authorized Request menu.
After placing the certificate order, a payment request is sent to the selected billing email. Once we receive your payment, the tax receipt will also be sent to this billing email address.

You can pay by bank transfer, credit card or PayPal online. See the customer account help for more information. If you have not received a payment request or have other issues, please contact customer support.
A trustworthy certificate is ensured by its connection to the Intermediate authority certificates in the so-called chain of trust. A frequent trust error is the missing Intermediate certificates on the server, resulting in a customer’s browser warning about an unknown TLS certificate issuer. After Intermediate certificates have been added to the server, the problem is fixed.