Wildcard TLS certificates

Wildcard certificates are a universal type of TLS certificate that allow you to secure all subdomains under one main domain. A Wildcard certificate contains an asterisk before the main domain name (eg. *.sslmarket.com) and secures all subdomains where the asterisk is. This feature saves money on purchasing additional TLS certificates and the time needed for certificate installation and administration.

Wildcard certifikáty

Wildcard TLS certificates can be used when you need to secure multiple subdomains, even on multiple servers, with only one TLS certificate. A Wildcard certificate can secure unlimited subdomains at a particular domain level. For example, the TLS certificate *.name-domain.com secures the domains www.name-domain.com, shop.name-domain.com, applications.name-domain.com. However, the example above will no longer secure the domain action.shop.name-domain.com (4th-level domain) and the browser will display an untrusted certificate.

GeoTrust Wildcard certificate

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