SSLmarket’s API for ordering certificates

Podporujeme OpenAPI i Swagger SSLmarket supports API for ordering TLS certificates. The API makes it easy to place orders for almost all certificates in our offer. You can also easily download them after release. Below you will find documentation to help you start ordering certificates via API and saving time! API will especially help you if you order a larger number of certificates. It will help speed up the ordering process and you can focus on what is really important for your business.

Use OpenAPI specification and Swagger for easy implementation.

How to use SSLmarket’s API

The API can be used in two ways. The recommended method is to fully implement it into your system or your own interface for ordering certificates. You can easily do this based on this documentation. Thanks to compliance with the OpenAPI specification you can generate a complete specification with us, and its integration is then very easy.

The second method is suitable for customers who cannot program or do not have a programmer. Using the simple user interface Postman you can easily place an order using the API, but without implementation on the customer's side. As a result, you will also speed up your work with certificates and their management.

You will be able to place orders easily and without going through the entire order, and you will also be able to download certificates issued via the API. We recommend combining the Postman interface with our own SSLmarket application for Windows.

Starting with SSLmarket’s API

SSLmarket's API can be used by all our customers. There is no need to conclude any contracts or worry about formalities. All you have to do is log in to your account in customer administration and activate "Account access via API" in the account settings. This will generate an individual API key to access SSLmarket's API (the key is tied to the given legal account).

Then give the documentation to your programmer. It can easily be read from the openapi-specification endpoint, in OpenAPI specification format. The format parameter can have the value json or yaml. The response is in application/json or application/x-yaml format.


In this format, you can easily import it into your environment or tool (for example Postman) and start using the API. You can also try the API in Swagger. Just visit

Authentication of requests

All API queries must have an access authentication token (X-Auth-Token) specified in the HTTP query header. You can find it in the account settings after activating 'Account access via API'.

GET /api/order/list HTTP/1.1
X-Auth-Token: {{AUTH_TOKEN}}

Return value

After a successful endpoint call, the API returns a status HTTP response code of 2XX. If the call fails, the API returns a 4XX response status code; in the body of the answer you will find the type of error (string) and its description.

Available functions of SSLmarket’s API

Below you will find a list of functional APIs that you will use to order and download all digital certificates from our offer.

Each function is accessible via its own endpoint, to which you send a request containing the parameters needed to call the function. The input parameters are divided into mandatory, which you must send in the request, and optional. For each function, its use, endpoint address, description of input and output parameters, and response format are listed in the specification.

  • Generating the OpenAPI specification - start with this step, see the paragraph Starting with SSLmarket’s API
  • List of products
  • DCV emails forwarding
  • Inserting a new order
  • List of orders
  • Order detail
  • Order modification
  • Certificate reissue
  • Cancelling certificate reissue
  • Certificate revocation
  • Certificate download
  • CSR decoder
  • Certificate decoder
  • OCSP check

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