Ready Issuance – End of Repeated Verification

Jul 8, 2015 | Jindřich Zechmeister

You must have experienced this before: you buy several certificates a year for your company and every time you do, you get a phone call from an authority verifying you again and again. A certificate authority really does need to verify repeatedly and despite being able to use information from the past, the final verification call is indispensable. However, now this repeated verification has come to an end.

Symantec Ready Issuance Means a Quicker Issue of Certificates

Ready Issuance is a function taken over from MPKI (Managed MPKI, a separate small authority), which means that Symantec verifies your company and this verification will be valid for a further 39 months. You won't be repeatedly verified when you order your certificate again and the certificate will be issued immediately. Of course this function is for free.

With Which Certificates Can Symantec Ready Issuance be Used?

For now Symantec Ready Issuance concerns OV certificates and Symantec Secure Site Pro, but the function will definitely be widened to other certification authorities.

What Do You Need for Ready Insurance and How Is It Done?

Symantec Ready Issuance is done separately from a specific certificate order. After we confirm your issuance details we send a request to Symantec to verify your company for Ready Issuance (part of which are domains you want to use). When it is done, the authority can use this verification for up to 39 months and future certificate orders will be taken care of straightaway. Further certificate orders with the same data verified in Ready Insurance will be issued straightaway; verification will be done by an authority only if the details differ from the previously verified ones. Of course it does not mean that future orders will be tied by these details; it means that if the order contains details already verified through Ready Issuance, the CA certificate will be issued straightaway. If you have any questions about Ready Issuance or if you are interested in more details, please contact our customer support. They will answer all your questions and help you set up Ready Issuance.
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