SSLmarket guarantees the fastest certificate acquisition on the market

Jan 20, 2023 | Jindřich Zechmeister

The speed of obtaining certificates depends on several factors. With SSLmarket, you can always be sure that the certificate request, applicant verification, certificate issuance and delivery will take place in the shortest possible time and without complications.

We have automated everything

You will certainly not be surprised that the complete TLS certificate workflow is automated in SSLmarket. Virtually nothing is done manually unless it is a non-standard request. The verification of entities applying for a certificate is also automated, and if their verification is valid, it is not performed again. Even OV and EV certificates can be issued immediately!

We use DigiCert's most modern technology and functions with the aim of enabling customers to obtain the certificate as quickly and comfortably as possible. Thanks to our close partnership with this largest CA in the world, we are the first to implement technological innovations on the market. This tradition gives us an edge over the competition and awards from DigiCert; in our collection we can boast of all the prizes they award.

The last improvement we made is to implement Webhooks. With it, DigiCert sends us fresh information about the certificates that have just been issued, and we send them to the customer without further delay. There is absolutely no delay.

SSLmarket helps you get a certificate much faster and cheaper than if you bought it from the CA itself. We owe everything to our prominent position with DigiCert, which we have been building for almost 20 years.

We will help you with verification

We are not just a certificate reseller, but your security partner. For each certificate, you are guaranteed maximum assistance from our customer support, regardless of the certificate's price. We help our customers obtain a certificate by acting as an intermediary with a CA. Most customers don't even need to come into contact with the CA because we will actively help them complete the verification.

The actual verification of certificate applicants takes place quickly and transparently thanks to a team of CA workers who work only for us. Over our cooperation's many years, they already know our customers and national specifics. Everything goes so smoothly. We are also top in the field of technical support, because we understand the problem and can help the customer ourselves. You can be sure that we won't send you to CA support where you have to explain your problem again and wait for your turn.

Automation options at SSLmarket and DigiCert

We offer our customers a wide range of options for automating the lifecycle of certificates. Read more information about ACME, KeyTalk or DigiCert ONE. By automating the certificate lifecycle, you no longer have to manage certificates manually and can save time. From application to issuance and further renewal, everything will run automatically. Get advice from us on how to do it free of charge and with no obligation to buy. We will be happy to help you.