A new logo for RapidSSL certificates

(18.01.2023) We are happy to present the new logo of RapidSSL certificates, popular for their lowest price on the market, lightning-fast issuance, and of course, 100% trustworthiness and security. Like other certificates in our offer, RapidSSL falls under the largest CA in the world, DigiCert, of which we are a proud partner.

The new RapidSSL brand logo, which you can see below and which you will see on our website from now on, according to its creators, better reflects the current era of digital trust. The green part of the logo is meant to symbolize the lightning issuing speed that RapidSSL certificates are famous for. Customers applying for a RapidSSL certificate can always count on the fact that they "have the green light" and that they will get this type of high-value, low-cost certificate in no time.

We need to mention a small disadvantage of the popular "Rapids" - they do not have SAN support, i.e. that they cannot secure multiple domains in a certificate at the same time, and they do not generate the seal of the certification authority as an additional security symbol after issuance. However, you can get both functions with any other DV certificate from our offer.

We hope you will like the new logo. Innovations are needed, and we work hard on them in our SSLmarket and regularly bring you new functions, improvements and gadgets.

The new logo for RapidSSL certificates
The new logo for RapidSSL certificates