ACME is available for all certificates; you get access in your customer account

(13.3.2024) We are happy to announce that you will get access to ACME (enabling the automation of the certificate lifecycle) directly in your customer account. You can now also use ACME for DV certificates, all types of verification are supported. It is no longer necessary to contact our customer support to use ACME.

Why should I want to use ACME?

You can use ACME to obtain certificates automatically and with its help, you can automate their entire life cycle. You don't have to worry about extending and installing at all, the appropriate ACME client will take care of that directly on the server. You need to set the so-called ACME credentials in the agent just once and it will do everything for you. More information about ACME can be found here.

ACME and certificate verification

ACME is newly available for domain-verified DV certificates that verify nothing but the domain and that do not contain owner records. Thanks to ACME, you get these certificates fully automatically and without any further steps.

Stricter rules apply to OV and EV certificates that contain a verified organization of the holder. Before successfully applying for a certificate through ACME, the organization needs to be verified and valid. The domain no longer needs to be pre-verified, it can be verified during the ACME request, but we still recommend doing it together with the organization verification. If you do not meet these prerequisites and the organization is not verified, the certificate request will not be completed and will end with a timeout.

If both conditions are met, the ACME client will obtain an OV/EV certificate instantly as a domain DV. At midnight on the given day, the certificates will be imported to the others and you will also see them in your customer account.

Warning: The use of ACME presupposes retroactive billing of certificates according to your valid price list (you can find it in the customer account). At the end of the month, you will be issued a summary invoice for the certificates issued via ACME.