Chrome 68 flags websites with HTTP as untrusted

(24. 7. 2018) Starting in July, websites working only on HTTP are flagged by Chrome 68 as untrusted. We recommend you audit all your websites and immediately get an SSL/TLS certificate.

There is now a prominent Not Secure sign on websites with HTTP.

The warning is displayed after the browser is updated to the 68 version, which has been available since the end of July. The warning is displayed right next to the website address and it warns the visitor about the safety risks of an unsecured HTTP protocol. Other browsers will follow Google Chrome's example and are planning or have already started to warn about HTTP, especially when the user works on an unsecured protocol with forms or with a login dialogue.

We recommend that all our customers audit their web pages and start using SSL/TLS certificates across the board. HTTPS protocol is a necessity and we are expecting tighter warning mechanisms next year. Browsers will warn the visitors with a crossed HTTP sign.

Complete information about this change to Chrome 68 is on the website Secure your website so it does not become untrusted.

If you have any questions, please contact SSL market customer support.