Do you have a certificate that was issued before 12/01/17? You can renew it right away!

(5/11/2018) Symantec certificates issued before December 1st 2017 which must be reissued by September can be renewed straight away. The renew option has been extended to 7 months before expiration, saving you one extra certificate installation!

CA certificates from the Symantec family that were issued before 12/01/17 need to be regenerated and reissued in the new PKI by DigiCert. You can find more information in the article TLS certificates by Symantec in new infrastructure and incorporation with DigiCert.

DigiCert has now simplified the process by allowing the certificates to be renewed up to 7 months before their expiration. The remaining validity time will be added to the renewed certificate.

This option only applies to certificates with a validity of one year. The maximum validity remains 27 months and cannot be exceeded.

The standard time for extending all other certificates without losing the remaining validity is three months.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact our customer support!