Learn about domain verification changes coming soon

(1. 9. 2021) Autumn 2021 brings stricter rules for domain verification, which are enforced by the CAB forum. This association of certification authorities and browsers approves common and binding conditions for authentication and issuance of trusted TLS certificates.

Change for FILE domain authentication

With effect from 15 November 2021, domain authentication using the FILE method (file on FTP) is slightly limited. This method will now require verification of fully qualified domain names (FQDNs). This means it will not be possible to verify the subdomain using the parent domain, as has been the case so far. You will need to verify the subdomain exactly as it appears on the certificate.

It will also not be possible to use the FILE method for Wildcard certificates.

Shorter domain verification validity

With effect from 27 September 2021, maximum domain verification validity will be reduced to 397 days, i.e. for the certificate’s maximum period of validity. This rule applies to OV and EV certificates, where the domains are always verified for a specific verified organization and have a permanent validity. This does not apply to DV certificates that require domain re-authentication, the domain must always be re-authenticated.