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Customer Support Centre for Code Signing certificates (certificates for signing codes and applications). Here you will find all relevant information regarding code signing and the use of Code Signing certificates.

Code Signing Certificates

Code Signing Certificates (Code signing) are used to sign applications created on various development platforms. The goal of signing the code is not only to authenticate the publisher, but mainly to protect the authenticity of the application and its immutability. If someone modifies the application (for example, adds malware), the signature ceases to be valid. Therefore, most current systems either require an application signature (MacOS) or strongly warn you before running an unsigned application (Windows).

Code Signing EV Certificates

We also offer a certificate with extended validation for code signing certificates. You will find its advantages and instructions on activation in the following paragraphs.

The significance of Code Signing EV Certificate

Its significance is better security of the certificate and private key. The certificate is stored on the token together with the private key and cannot be exported. The use of the certificate is password protected and after several bad attempts the token will be deleted. This is an excellent protection for your code signing certificate from misuse.

Another important advantage of the Code Signing EV Certificate is the absolute trustworthiness in the Smartscreen filter that is part of Windows. Thanks to the EV signature, you can be sure that Windows will not block your application from users.

More information about the Code Signing certificate in our offer can be found on the product page DigiCert Code Signing EV.

How to get and activate a Code Signing EV Certificate

The whole process of obtaining and activating a Code Signing EV Certificate is described in the article Activating a Code Signing EV Certificate.

How to sign applications

Most of our customers develop in the MS Windows environment and use the Windows SDK. The signing is then performed using the signtool.exe tool. For documentation on signtool, see SignTool.exe (Sign Tool) on the Microsoft website.

Contact us

If you are unsure about any step in ordering a certificate, issuing a certificate, installing a certificate, or with any questions, do not hesitate to contact our customer support, who will advise and help you. Our Symantec Web Security Sales Expert Plus certified professionals are available on weekdays during normal business hours.

You can also contact us directly from your customer account by sending a request from the Authorized Request menu.

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