Multi-year TLS certificate orders are now available

(September 1, 2020) After the long-announced restriction of TLS certificate validity to one year, we have come up with a novelty - multiple certificate orders. It simplifies the administration of certificates and the administration associated with their renewal. Besides, ordering for more years will save you a lot of money.

The certificate is issued only for one year, but can be ordered for up to 6 years

From 1 September, it is no longer possible to obtain a TLS certificate for more than 1 year, which is somewhat impractical for their administration and extension. In cooperation with CA DigiCert, we have prepared the option to order TLS certificates for several years. The main advantage of a multi-year order is a significant saving compared to renewing the certificate year after year. You can order TLS certificates for up to 6 years, which will reduce not only the price, but also the time spent ordering an extension as well.

Advantages of a multi-year order

Ordering a certificate for multiple years brings several benefits. The main reasons to do it are the following:

  • Save time. One order and payment = less administration.
  • The longer the validity of the order, the higher the savings due to the decreasing annual price.
  • You will receive the following one-year certificate automatically and on time, you just exchange it on the server.
  • You will receive the certificate with no delay or wait, because the verification of the organization is automatically extended to remain valid.
Multi-year TLS certificate orders

How a multi-year order works

You can order the certificate for up to 6 years; the annual price gradually decreases, and a longer validity is more advantageous for you. After ordering, you will be issued the first certificate for 398 days, and as soon as its expiry approaches, the CA will automatically renew it. You will receive this follow-up certificate from us and only exchange it on the server. Then just wait another year for the next follow-up certificate. There is no need to order and pay for a certificate extension every year.