Support for VMC certificates is growing - now they can also be displayed on Apple

(5.7.2022) VMC certificates are enjoying growing popularity and support. This was recently proven by Apple, who joined the companies displaying the VMC logo in email clients.

Gmail, the world's largest email service provider, has supported VMC certificates since their inception, i.e. since July of last year, when they were officially launched. Now Apple will also start supporting them on iOS 16 and MacOS Ventura, so your company's logo will be displayed on Apple devices.

Thanks to this milestone in the expansion of VMC certificate support, we can certainly look forward to a gradual 100% acceptance by all providers. The new VMC certificate display on Apple devices also confirms the choice of VMC certificate as the best solution to protect your mail and promote your brand.

You can find more information about the integration of VMC certificates into Apple here.