We are returning the option to verify via FILE

(24.6.2022) In our order, you will again find the option to verify the domain using a verification file. However, please keep in mind that this authentication is more laborious than other authentication methods (DNS, email).

The FILE method works well now

The change to this verification method took place in the autumn of 2021 in response to the tighter file verification rules issued by the CAB Forum (Ballot 45). It has been forbidden to use this method of authentication for Wildcard certificates, and for regular certificates, there has been newly a need to verify all domain shapes exactly as they are in the certificate (FQDN scope).

In reaction to these new rules, problems during implementation by the CA and general customer confusion, we temporarily disallowed this verification option. However, now it is available again and it works well with no issues.

File authentication pitfalls

Keep in mind that with this method, it is no longer possible to authenticate subdomains with the parent (main) domain. All domain shapes must be individually verified as specified in the order. For more information, see the article Change when using FILE domain authentication.