We have deployed OpenAPI and Swagger

(02.06.2023) SSLmarket.com has been offering the API for ordering certificates for a long time. We have recently upgraded it and deployed OpenAPI and Swagger technologies, which bring many benefits to our API customers.

What are OpenAPI and Swagger?

OpenAPI is an interface specification for RESTful APIs. This specification enables easier integration between different applications and systems. Swagger is a tool for creating and documenting RESTful APIs based on the OpenAPI specification.

Our OpenAPI specification can be found here. The format parameter can have the value json/yaml, then the response is equivalent in the format application/json or application/x-yaml.

SwaggerUI is a tool that analyses the API definition to generate documentation. SwaggerUI has a browser-based editor where you can even test the API. You can find it here.

Advantages of OpenAPI

Thanks to OpenAPI and Swagger deployment, SSLmarket.com customers get clear API documentation, which simplifies the work of developers who work with it. The advantage of this documentation is that it allows easy orientation in the API, an overview of how the API works and what parameters are available.

Another advantage is that, thanks to OpenAPI and Swagger, client libraries for different programming languages can easily be generated, which increases the speed and efficiency of development.

The benefit for SSLmarket.com customers is also faster integration for new functions and API improvements, as OpenAPI and Swagger enable easy documentation updates.

Overall, deploying OpenAPI and Swagger for the SSLmarket.com API is a step towards greater transparency and efficiency for customers, which simplifies the work of developers and facilitates integration with various applications and systems.