Activating the DigiCert Document Signing certificate

Instructions for downloading the Document Signing certificate on the token. This procedure must be performed after issuing a Document Signing certificate stored on a security token. The token is sent by the CA by courier upon completion of the certificate.

Order process of the Document Signing certificate

Ordering a Document Signing certificate is fully automated at CA DigiCert. After completing the verification, the certificate is uploaded to the token and sent to the customer. All information needed to activate the certificate can be found in the order detail in the SSLmarket administration (tracking code, token password, utilities).

Token activation for Document Signing certificate

For a Document Signing certificate, it does not matter if it is your first certificate or its renewal. The procedure does not differ, apart from the token being sent by the courier on the first acquisition. Document Signing certificate holders import the certificate onto the received token (so the received token is not already prepared). You also need the Safenet utility, which you can download here.

After receiving the token, you import the certificate using the DigiCert Document Signing Installer utility from CA DigiCert. You can download it again from SSLmarket, the link is (as well as all the necessary information) in the order detail.

When importing, it is necessary to enter the password, which you will find in your order detail in SSLmarket. After entering this password (activation key), the certificate on the token will be downloaded in the background and you can start using it with Safenet.