Bank details and payment methods

We offer payment by bank transfer to our checking account or by card, for faster on-line payment.


LT89 3250 0373 2619 2980
ZONER a.s.
Nove sady 583/18, Brno, 60200, Czech Republic

This account supports incoming payments via SWIFT only. Transfers may take 1 - 3 business days to appear on our Revolut account.

On-line card payment Accepted cards

To finish your order immediately, it is possible to use CSOB Secure Payment Gateway to pay by card.
All major card issuers are accepted!

Payment via Google Pay Google Pay

The fastest payment method. Google Pay allows you to pay for the order immediately using the credit card stored in your Google account. You do not need to copy any card details; just confirm the selection of the card.

Payment via PayPal PayPal

Thanks to the PayPal payment system, you can pay online easily, quickly and above all, safely. The TLS certificate will be issued immediately and sent to your e-mail address.