BIMI and VMC certificate tools

This article provides useful tools to set up BIMI and use a VMC certificate. You can also check you know how to deploy the VMC certificate correctly.

Preparing to obtain a VMC certificate

BIMI Inspector - the official BIMI Inspector tool analyzes the domain from which you want to send emails (the one you entered) and shows it is ready to obtain a VMC. For each step, you will also find an explanation and advice on how to solve a possible problem.

On the BIMI Group website, you will also find exact instructions on how to prepare a VMC - from setting up DMARC to editing the logo. You can find everything on the Implementation Guide page.

Another tool for checking VMC readiness is the BIMI Inspector from Mailkit. It will even help you generate the DNS records needed to set up BIMI properly.

Using this DigiCert tool you can try to preview your logo display on the iPhone. Used for illustration.

Preparing a logo for VMC

The logo you want to display in email clients must be in SVG (curves) format, and this source file must be modified before publishing (as you will learn below) to meet the SVG Tiny 1.2 specification. Then you upload the log file to the domain and enter the domain's DNS path.

To learn how to edit an SVG source file, see this DigiCert article; just saving in an SVG format is not enough.

The BIMI Group also discusses modifying the logo in SVG format in the article SVG Conversion Tools Released. In this article, you will find a number of tools that you can use to edit an SVG.

Creating a DNS record for VMC

You can easily generate a DNS record in the official BIMI tool BIMI Generator.

BIMI Generator
BIMI Generator.

BIMI deployment control

We recommend using the official BIMI Group BIMI Inspector to check the VMC certificate use. It will show you how correct the deployment steps are, and if it finds discrepancies you will also find explanations and advice on how to solve a possible problem.