What is SSL certificate?

Digital SSL certificates are the cornerstone of security provided by SSL/TLS protocols on the Internet. For example, they help to encrypt the connection between a user browser and server where sensitive data is exchanged.
A second and equally important SSL protocol feature is authenticity confirmation of the server that we communicate with. Web browsers help us to verify its authenticity, by clicking the "lock" in the address bar or by the distinctive green colour of the address when browsing a website secured by an EV certificate. Along with server authentication, a reversal verification process can occur - client identification to the server.


Secure with ssl certificates

Technically - what is an SSL certificate?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a noncommercial open protocol and currently one of most popular methods of securing data transfer on the Internet between a server with a website and a browser (user). Nowadays, 3.3 protocol version or TLS (Transport Layer Security) v. 1.2, which is a standardized protocol with its own RFC, is used. The differences between both protocols are minimal, and that's why you often hear about SSL/TLS security.

EV SSL Green adress bar

SSL protocol uses digital certificates to ensure data transfer data encryption and server authentication. The fact that we are connected to a website secured by the SSL protocol can be identified from the page address, which contains an additional letter, "s", e.g. https://www.sslmarket.com/, or from a browser notice, expressed by a lock icon. The advantages of the SSL protocol are also in the fact that, from a technical point of view, both servers and browsers are ready to use it. The webmaster only has to arrange the transfer to an address with the HTTPS protocol and everything works without no problem.

The SSL certificate concept is based on asymmetric encryption, where each of both communicating parties has two encryption keys - one public and one private. The public key can be published, and if the data is encrypted by this key, it is secured. This data can be decrypted only by the owner of the used public key with his private key (use to encrypt). On the other hand, if the data is encrypted by the private key, it can be decrypted only by the public key. This wouldn't make much sense, as everybody has the public key. However, if the public key contains information that it belongs to a certain subject (organization) and this confirmation is issued by a trustworthy authority, we can be sure that we are communicating with the right subject and not with a fraudster (usage to confirm authenticity).

Why should we use SSL certificate?

SSL certificates installed on a server are used to secure the data transfer against "bugging" and confirm the authenticity of the server - the website operator. SSL certificates should be used by everybody who collects sensitive information (personal data, passwords, credit card numbers) and, at the same time, displays confidential data through a website or application (various administrative interfaces where the user has to log in using a password), and by everybody who wants to communicate this message to their customers/visitors - YES, this website is run by our organization, which is confirmed by our certificate, which is issued by a trustworthy authority.
It can be said that an SSL certificate for a project should be used by everybody who wants to guard information flowing between the user browser and his servers to protect them against hackers and other online fraudsters. For any website that requires a password to enter, using SSL certificates to secure servers should be a given.

SSL Certificates secure transactions on the Internet

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