Domain certificate validation (Domain Validation, DV)

SSL certificates with domain validation are generally validated via a message sent to the domain being validated. If there are no mail service on the domain and the message cannot be delivered, you can use alternative options to validate the certificate.
Alternative domain certificate validation can be performed via a DNS record or you can upload a file for validation to FTP.

The above validation process applies for these SSL certificates:

Validation by an validation email message

SSL certificate validation process means sending an email message to a previously selected domain email address from the SSL certificate request. These mailboxes are admin, administrator, hostmaster, webmaster, postmaster or the domain owner´s e-mail address from WHOIS.
The email message is sent directly by the certificate authority.
In the message, you have to use the link to enter the certificate authority website and confirm the order by clicking "I Approve".

If you do not receive the email validation message (please, check your spam folder), contact our customer support.

Alternative validation method

The alternative DV certificate validation method can be used if the email service or boxes used by the authority to validate on the domain are not activated.

Validation by a TXT record in DNS

To validate the domain by DNS, you have to create a TXT DNS record in the zone file of the validated domain. You can find this option in the domain administration of your registrar where you can set your DNS records.
Data to create the TXT record will be displayed in the certificate order detail and it is unique for each order. Enter into DNS the prepared records that we will show you. Example of DNS record to validate domain through DNS: 3600 IN TXT 20170313115848xw7ce3rd0qs5i41avvbc2v9e6u4xjgtsh0vem6czhacn4m6cmp

The authority will regularly check the TXT record in the domain DNS. If the TXT record is OK, the certificate order will be automatically confirmed and issued. There will be no need to wait for the confirmation email message.

Validating by a file uploaded to FTP

The file to be used during the validation process can be downloaded from the SSL certificate order detail. Its unique name and content are created by the authority and it is unique for your order.

Download the .TXT file from SSLMarket administration and upload it to the folder /.well-known/pki-validation/ of your website (to FTP). Check, whether the file is available to a visitor and is not limited, e.g. by .htaccess file.

File must be accessible from outside (from internet)

The authority will regularly check the presence and content of the file. When it finds it, the authority confirms the certificate order and it will be issued.

The validation process is finished after manual confirmation (confirmation message) or automatic confirmation (the DNS record and the file on FTP). The created SSL certificate is sent to the technical contact address, or you can get it any time after signing up to your customer account.