SSL certificate Extended Validation (EV) process

The above validation process applies for these SSL certificates:

The process of validating EV SSL certificates is more thorough and all information is confirmed using more resources to ensure the highest level of security.
For this reason, the issuance process is longer than for a common Organization Validation (OV) certificate. The process is divided into four steps to validate the certificate applicant. Domain owner validation, applicant organization validation, contact person employment and final phone validation of the contact person.

Domain validation

The match between the domain owner and the certificate applicant is confirmed in available domain registrar databases.

Organization validation

Information about the organization that will become the SSL certificate owner is verified in the Commercial Register.

Contact person employment relationship validation

The employment relationship of the contact person is validated by a form supplied by the certificate authority, which is confirmed by an authorized
person in the organization (HR manager, head, etc.). In turn, this person is validated by phone.

Phone validation

The certificate authority obtains the contact phone from public phone books ( Subsequent oral validation is generally carried out in English and takes approx. 1 minute.

If the certificate authority cannot find certain information publicly, it requests an additional validation form.
The time to issue the certificate increases by the time needed to make additional verifications.

When the validation process is finished, the created SSL certificate is sent to the technical contact address, or you can obtain it any time after signing up to your customer account.