Public key (CSR request)

Public key (CSR) is necessary for issuing a TLS certificate. The CSR request is made by server administrator on the server where is the domain hosted; but you can make easily the request in our order or administration.

If you do not have the server administrator available (who can make the CSR), do it in our order or later in the SSLmarket administration.

Our Help includes CSR tutorials for the most popular servers. If you do not find the right tutorial here, please refer to DigiCert knowledgebase and find a right platform for you.

For the generation of the CSR, following information is needed:

Common name: exact domain name
Organization: name of the organisation (the same as stated in the order)
Organizational unit: department, purpose
City/locality: name of the city
State/province: the state in which the organization resides
Country/region: country code
Key Size: for TLS/SSL certificates 2048 bit, for Code Signing certificates 3072 bit


Common name:
Organization: ZONER, ltd.
Organizational unit: Internet
City/locality: Texas
State/province: Texas
Country/region: US
Key Size: 2048 bits

Enter the generated public key (CSR) in the detail of the order in your customer administration. Under "Public Key (CSR)", select "Paste CSR", paste and save your CSR request. You will see full details icluded in the CSR. You can generate a new CSR here as well. You can also check the content of the CSR request in our CSR Decoder.

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