Intermediate and root certificates (CA bundle)

In the email about the certificate’s issuance we also send you the appropriate CA certificates that are required for the installation. We recommend you to proceed using this source. However, if you find it hard to identify the individual certificates in the sent files, the following list will help you.

In the tables below we have prepared an overview of the intermediate and root certificates of our CA in case you need to download the certificates separately.

Default CA certificates

The default root certificate for the DV and OV certificates is the DigiCert Global Root CA and for the EV certificates the DigiCert High Assurance EV Root CA. The intermediate certificates can differ depending on the type of validation and the particular CAs, therefore always use the intermediate certificate you’ll receive from us together with the server certificate. For the S/MIME certificates the root certificate DigiCert Assured ID Root CA is used.

Algorithm of the root certificate’s signature: The root certificate is issued with the root algorithm SHA-1, but this doesn’t mean a problem as the algorithm is not an object of the verification process. We do recommend this root certificate because it guarantees 100% compatibility with all computers and devices. However, we can provide you with a root certificate with SHA-2 on your request.

Overview of the used intermediate certificates

DigiCert rotates the intermediate certificates regularly, therefore never install them into apps hardcoded. They can change anytime. You can always find the overview of changes here and in the article DigiCert ICA Update.

Root certificates from DigiCert to download

The root certificates from the CA DigiCert (and intermediates too) are listed on the website DigiCert Trusted Root Authority Certificates. Here you can test the functionality of the given root certificate and check if it is trustworthy for the device intended. You may find this function useful particularly for testing old devices and smartphones.

Looking for CA Bundle?

During the installation, the server may ask you for a so-called CA certificate bundle. This term stands for the intermediate certificate and the CA root certificate in one file one after another. Use the bundle only when necessary. The root certificates are not required for the installation in most cases. Just set the appropriate intermediate certificate on the server.

Terminated intermediate certificates

Intermediate certificates that are not used anymore are listed in this article on the DigiCert web: DigiCert ICA Update.

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