SSL certificate for Microsoft Exchange Server (SAN/UC)

Microsoft Exchange is a famous server, unifying company communication at the highest level. Because its aim is to collect sensitive and confidential information, it is necessary to secure every communication with the server and encrypt the connection between it and its clients. You can secure Microsoft Exchange Server with various SAN/UC certificates from our wide portfolio.
Thawte, Symantec and GeoTrust certificate authorities are certified partners of Microsoft and, thanks to this cooperation, SAN/UC certificate compatibility with Exchange Server is ensured.

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SAN/UC SSL certificate usage

SAN/UC certificate secures all domains and services used by Exchange Server.

  • domain name and netbios server name (e.g. and owa.local)
  • autodiscover service, usually running on
  • OWA, Activesync, Outlook Anywhere services or other service used by the server (e.g. POP3, IMAP4)

Our SAN/UC SSL certificates are fully compatible with Microsoft Exchange Server. They enable you to secure all necessary server and service names used by the Exchange Server. You can be sure you have selected the right product with a SAN/UC certificate, compatible with the Microsoft Exchange Server, and avoid complicated server configuration.

Microsoft Lync Server (Office Communications Server)

SSL certificates with SAN/UC can be used even on the Microsoft Lync Server (formerly Office Communications Server). Like Microsoft Exchange, this server uses several domain names for its services. After deploying the certificate on the Lync server, the communication within the organization will be secured and nobody will be able to eavesdrop on a running communication.

Recommended SSL certificates for Microsoft Exchange Server

To use for Microsoft Exchange, we recommend, for example, GeoTrust True BusinessID certificate and its EV version with Extended Validation. This certificate has an unlimited server licence and you can use it, on more servers besides the Exchange Server.

SSL certificatePrices from
Issuance time
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium{geotrust_quickssl_premium_price_gbp}$149DV410 minutes1-3BuyDetail

GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium certificate

The least expensive GeoTrust certificate authority SSL certificate can be, thanks to the domain validation, issued and deployed on servers extremely quickly. It is a "Low authenticated" certificate containing just domain information, with no further details.

GeoTrust True BusinessID{geotrust_true_businessid_price_gbp}$218OV4-2502 days1-3BuyDetail

GeoTrust True BusinessID certificate

The best-selling SSL certificate fromGeoTrust provides SAN/UC support with up to 25 secured domains, full validation of the organization for which the certificate is issued, and, thanks to the licence, it can be used on an unlimited number of servers.
The GeoTrust True BusinessID certificate can be used in virtually every field requiring SSL communication - commercial, business or public website projects. At the same time, the certificate is recommended for use on the Microsoft Exchange Email Server.

GeoTrust True BusinessID EV{geotrust_true_businessid_ev_price_gbp}$344EV4-2507 days1-2BuyDetail

GeoTrust True BusinessID EV certificate

The most trustworthy SSL certificate fromGeoTrust with Extended Validation (EV). Securing web projects with aGeoTrust EV certificate increases the trustworthiness and prestige of the operator.
An EV SSL certificate can be recommended for all important web projects. It can be used in the banking and financial sectors, but also in business website projects where the highest level of authorization and security is a must. The SSL certificate is also suitable for securing Microsoft server products, for exampleMicrosoft Exchange Server.

Thawte Web Server{thawte_web_server_price_gbp}$218OV1-2502 days1-3BuyDetail

Thawte Web Server certificate

The most popular Thawte SSL certificatewhich enables full identification and validation of the company for which the SSL certificate is issued.
Toemphasize trustworthiness and security, the Thawte Web Server certificate isthe right choice for every website project or application. The certificates are used in commercial website projects like e-shops, booking systems, incompany sites or public projects, where the site operator is declared thanks to the higher SSL certificate validation level.

Thawte Web Server EV{thawte_web_server_ev_price_gbp}$344EV1-2507 days1-2BuyDetail

Thawte Web Server EV certificate

The most trustworthy Thawte SSLcertificate, which displays a distinctive green bar in browsers and, thanks to Extended Validation (EV),the organization name.
Securing projects with a Thawte EV certificate increases the trustworthiness and prestige of the operator, who is validated according to the strictest standards. An SSL certificate with Extended validation (EV) is used in projects where it it necessary to reach the highest level of trustworthiness, such as in thebanking andfinancial sectors, and in all web projects where the highest level of validation and security is required.

Symantec Secure Site{symantec_secure_site_price_gbp}$399OV1-2502 days1-3BuyDetail

Symantec Secure Site certificate

The Basic SSL certificate from Symanteccertificate authority. During the process to validate andissue the Secure Site certificate, the organization for which the SSL certificate will be issued is fully identified.
The SSL certificate is used in the banking and financial sectors or in other public projects like e-shops, booking systems, etc., where it is recommended to acquire security from the most renowned certificate authority worldwide.

Symantec Secure Site EV{symantec_secure_site_ev_price_gbp}$995EV1-2505 days1-2BuyDetail

Symantec Secure Site EV certificate

One of the most prestigious SSL certificateswith Extended Validation (EV) on the market. Using an EV SSL certificate fromSymantec certificate authority, every organization declares its focus on Internet security and states its will to rank among the top businesses that use these certificates.
Symantec certificates are used primarily in thebanking and financial sectors, but they can be applied to many web projects where security and brand matter.