Free FreeSSL SSL certificate

The least expensive, fully trustworthy SSL certificate in our portfolio which, thanks to Domain Validation (DV), can be obtained and deployed in a few minutes. A certificate from the same certificate authority, RapidSSL, is a "Low authenticated" certificate containing just domain information, without no further details.

  • FREE trial SSL certificate for 30 days
  • Issuance in a couple of minutes
  • Trustworthy for 99.9% of browsers
  • Free certificate reissue
  • 40-256 bit encryption depth
  • 2.048 bit root certificate depth


Recommended certificate usage

FreeSSL SSL certificate serves to test an SSL certificate and its features. It is a 30-day version of a fully trustworthy RapidSSL certificate, which is limited only by the validity period.

We recommend using the RapidSSL SSL certificate for projects where the time to obtain the certificate, security usefulness and low cost play a vital role. It can be used in virtually every field requiring SSL communication, mostly in Intranet use, internal systems or for smaller website projects, where there's no need to validate the organization for which the SSL certificate was issued.
If a user-friendly approach and a higher level of guarantee play a vital role, we recommend using an EV certificate (Extended Validation) or one of the OV certificates (Organization Validation).

FreeSSL certificates price list

  30 days Order

Prices are excl. VAT.

  • Certificate detail
  • More domain support (SAN/UC)
  • Validation and issuance time
  • Validity and renewal

Displaying the certificate in a browser

All these certificates are fully trustworthy and website visitors are not bothered by messages about untrustworthiness. In the web browser, the information about secure communication is displayed in the address bar by thelock icon and by a letter "s" next to the http protocol. By clicking the lock you can verify the site operator and the certificate publisher. More information about displaying the certificate in a browser.

displaying the certificate RapidSSL in a browser adress bar
Details of certificate RapidSSL in a browser

Secured domains amount

An SSL certificate secures only one domain determined in advance which cannot be changed during the validity period. Therefore it is important to choose the same name, corresponding to the website you want to secure with the SSL certificate.
On the other hand, if the order is targeted to a second-level domain with www (e.g., the SSL certificate works even for the domain without www (e.g. In such a case the SAN technology is used and the domain without www is added tothe certificate free of charge. This feature is not supported in other combinations (e.g.

Validation method

The SSL certificate issuing process means sending an email message to a previously selected domain email address from the SSL certificate request (admin, administrator, hostmaster, webmaster, postmaster), or to the domain owner´s e-mail address (from the domain register; for a UK domain, the NIC.UK register). You can simply confirm every detail about the requested SSL certificate in the received message and the verification process is finished and, in turn, the SSL certificate is issued and sent to the technical contact of the customer.

Certificate issuance time

If you enter a correct CSR file to your order and make the payment, your SSL certificate will be issued automatically in a couple of minutes.

Notice: In rare cases, the issuance can be delayed due to one of the following reasons:

  • the authority performs a random security check of verified certificates and this can delay DV certificate issuance until the check (performed by an authority employee) is finished.
  • The domain for which the certificate is ordered contains a forbidden word (e.g. bank) or phrase, or a name protected by a trademark (e.g. Facebook, large enterprise or corporation names). In this case, the authority can carry out additional applicant verification or reject the certificate order.
  • The owner email address which serves to send the verification message can't be automatically determined

If the certificate is not issued in the above-mentioned standard time, feel free to contact our Customer Support, which will help you to resolve the problem.

Certificate validity

The SSL certificate is valid from the date its validation is finished and the certificate is issued. The validity period runs from this date for the period (of years) selected in the SSL certificate order.

Certificate reissue

You can have your certificate reissued (if, for example, you delete your private key) any time and for FREE, if necessary. To successfully reissue of the certificate it is necessary to supply a new CSR file which contains the same data as the original order.

Certificate renewal (RENEW)

FreeSSL SSL certificate renewal process can be started at any time before the end of the validity period. It cannot be prolonged by another 30 days, but you can extend it to any paid SSL certificate from our portfolio.