SSLmarket customer account management

SSLmarket customer account features

SSLmarket customer account helps you to administer and manage your certificates easily. Here you can find all the information about your certificate, an overview of orders being processed and a list of expiring certificates. You can even download your certificate here.

Login to your customer account and settings

Login to the administration

Login to sslmarket administration takes place at If you cannot log in to sslmarket, you might be trying to log in at the incorrect branch. If you forget your credentials, you can have new credentials sent to you.
If you have trouble logging in, feel free to contact our Customer support.

Account management - modify your personal data

If you need to modify or change the data on your customer account, click Basic Info in Account Management.
By clicking the pencil icon, a window to modify the data will display. When done, click Save to save the modified information to the system.

Email communication settings

In Account Management - Messages you can set that you want to receive notifications from the SSLmarket systems. Sending information about expiring certificates is important. This information can be sent to the authorization and technical contact stated in the certificate order. The authorization contact is usually a person stated in the order as an organization´s employee appointed to receive phone validation by the authority. The technical contact is a person who received the certificate by email.

If you do not want your customer to receive the information from SSLmarket about expiry, you can turn off this function about sending expiration warning to the authorization contact.

Order administration

Certificate list and order list

Under the Order List menu SSL certificate orders currently being processed and their current status are displayed. When finished, the orders are moved to the Certificate list where you can find every currently valid certificate. Clicking the magnifying glass icon takes you to the order detail.

Order detail

Entering a public key (CSR)

After ordering your certificate you have to create a public key (CSR request) for the certificate authority, which uses it to generate a new certificate. If the certificate is on your server, we take all related steps, including installation on the server
The public key (CSR request) can be entered in the order detail after clicking Enter New. After entering, the information contained in the key is displayed. All CSR requests must have bit depth of 2.048.

Informace z dodaného veřejného klíče
If the system displays a CSR error after entry, please contact our Customer support. In most cases, it is the result of a conflict between the name of the domain being ordered and the domain in CSR (Common name) or a typo in the applicant (organization) name in CSR and the order.

How to renew

After logging in to the SSLmarket administration a certificate list and their expirations are displayed. If expiration of a certificate is highlighted in red, it is now possible to renew the certificate. Clicking the blue arrow icon takes you to the certificate renewal order. You can just check or, if necessary, modify the data from the previous order and confirm the renewal.

Payment options

Payment details and online payment

To speed up the certificate order process, you can use online payment with your credit card or use PayPal. For both these options the payment is received instantly and your certificates with Domain Validation (DV) can be issued in a couple of minutes. Of course there are details to make your payment by wire transfer.
Click the payment link in the orderdetail and Pay for the SSL certificate on the next page. You will be transferred to a secure payment gateway. When the payment is confirmed, you will be transferred back to the SSLmarket administration and you will see whether the payment was successful.

payment options

Certificate management

Possibility to download the certificate from administration

The issued certificate will be sent to you by email and you do not have to look for it. The certificate is sent as a text and encrypted in Base64 format. Nevertheless, you can download your certificate from our administration interface.

Option to test the correct installation

Correct certificate installation is the key to its trustworthiness for your visitors. You can the test correct installation of your certificate. You can find this option in the order detail after Certificate Test. Clicking the link takes you to the test page where you can test the correctness of your installation.

If Intermediate certificates are absent from the server, the certificate will not be trustworthy for visitors and a security warning will be displayed. If you want to be sure your certificate was installed properly and will be trustworthy for your visitors, have your installation checked by the certificate authority tool. Enter the URL address of your certificate and focus the check tool on your website. If everything is OK, the tool shows you a positive result. If something goes wrong, the tool will tell you the cause of the error, and if Intermediate certificates are missing, it will display the right certificates for the exact certificate type.

Authorized request to the Customer support

If you want to tell us something or ask a question, feel free to use the Customer support contact form. You can find this option on the left under Authorized request

If you experience difficulties, feel free to contact our Customer support, who will help you select a certificate and answer any questions or queries.