OV certificates can now be ordered with Wildcard-SANs

(20.4.2017) Customers of SSLmarket can now request OV Wildcard-SANs, when ordering the certificate. Furthermore, we have simplified the whole process of SAN orders

Wildcard SANs for OV certificates

OV certificates with organisation validation now allow not only for the domain name of a specific level (FQDN) to be used as a SAN (Subject Alternative Name), but also for a wildcard name in the format *.domain.co.uk. Just like with conventional SAN names, you can also specify domains, which are not related to the domain in the common name.

The fields for specifying the SANs in the order are universal. The price for the SAN is determined according to the format (wildcard or conventional SAN).

SAN selection in the order - SSLmarket

We hope, that this new feature will make SSLmarket even more user friendly for our customers.